Stamps, double eagle overprint

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1913, Jun 1913a issue ovpted on stamp of Turkey unwmk (no perf info)
- 2 1/2pi viobrn ovpt, tughra

1913, Jun 16 1913c issue ovpted on stamp of Turkey
X 10pi on 10pa blgrn tughra

1920 1920a issue ovpted (no wmk info) (5 stamps)
- 1q gray ovpt, Prince zu Wied
- 10q rose ovpt, Prince zu Wied
- 20q brn ovpt, Prince zu Wied
- 25q bl ovpt, King Zog I
- 50q brnvio ovpt, Prince zu Wied


1899, Jun 1899d issue ovpted on stamps of !?issuer671!?
X 1m grn on 1m-grn-trident with stars-unissued (0), trident with stars
X 2m rose on 2m-rose-trident with stars-unissued (0), trident with stars

1 to 9 of 9