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1922, Jan 1922a issue wmk. network (no perf info) (24 stamps)
X 5pf cl numeral
- 10pf dkolgrn numeral
- 15pf turqbl numeral
X 25pf brn numeral
- 30pf blgrn numeral
X 40pf redorg numeral
X 50pf vio numeral
X 60pf redvio iron workers
X 75pf redvio Germania
X 75pf ultra numeral
X 80pf carrose iron workers
X 100pf grn miners right
X 120pf ultra miners right
X 1 1/4m ver & redvio Germania
X 150pf org farmers
- 160pf slgrn farmers
X 2m vio & rose posthorn
X 3m orgred & yel posthorn
X 4m dpgrn & yelgrn posthorn
X 5m org & yel posthorn
X 10m carrose & rose posthorn
X 20m vio & org posthorn
X 30m brn & yel posthorn
X 50m dkgrn & vio posthorn

1922, Apr 22 Munich fair issue
X 1 1/4m cl arms Munich
X 2m dkvio arms Munich
X 3m ver arms Munich
X 4m dpbl arms Munich

1922, May 1922b issue posthorn (9 stamps)
X 2m vio posthorn
X 3m red posthorn
X 4m dkgrn posthorn
X 5m org posthorn
X 6m dkbl posthorn
X 8m olgrn posthorn
X 20m dkvio posthorn
- 30m brn posthorn
X 40m ltgrn posthorn

1922, May 1922c issue
X 5m brnorg
X 10m carrose numeral in oval
X 20m ind & grn plowing

1922, Oct 1922d issue numeral in oval (12 stamps)
X 50m numeral in oval
X 100m dkpur numeral in oval, p. 14.75x14.25 (1923)
X 200m red numeral in oval, p. 14.75x14.25 (1923)
X 300m grn numeral in oval (1923)
X 400m orgbrn numeral in oval (1923)
X 500m org numeral in oval, p. 14.75x14.25 (1923)
X 1000m gray numeral in oval, p. 14.75x14.25 (1923)
X 2000m numeral in oval (1923)
X 3000m numeral in oval (1923)
X 4000m numeral in oval (1923)
X 5000m numeral in oval (1923)
X 100000m numeral in oval (1923)

1922, Dec 1922e issue (8 stamps)
X 5m org miners left (1923)
X 10m bl farmers
X 12m ver farmers, p. 14
X 20m redvio miners left (1923)
X 25m olbrn farmers
X 30m olgrn miners left
X 40m blgrn farmers
X 50m grnbl miners left

1923, Mar numeral in circle (6 stamps)
X 100m vio numeral in circle
X 200m carrose numeral in circle
X 300m grn numeral in circle
X 400m brn numeral in circle
X 500m redorg numeral in circle
X 1000m gray numeral in circle

1923, May
X 5thm dpbl Wartburg Castle

1923, Jul
X 10thm olgrn Cologne Cathedral

1923, Aug 20 1923a issue ovpted (8 stamps)
X 5thm on 40pf redorg numeral
X 8thm on 30pf blgrn numeral
X 15thm on 40m blgrn farmers
X 20thm on 200m carrose numeral in circle
X 20thm on 25m olbrn farmers
X 20thm on 12m ver farmers, p. 14
X 25thm on 25m olbrn farmers
X 30thm on 10m bl farmers

1923, Sep 15
X 5thm numeral in circle
X 50thm numeral in circle
X 75thm numeral in circle

1923, Sep 15 1923b issue ovpted numeral in circle (5 stamps)
X 100thm on 100m vio numeral in circle
- 250thm on 400m brn numeral in circle
X 250thm on 200m carrose numeral in circle
X 250thm on 500m redorg numeral in circle
X 800thm on 200m carrose numeral in circle

1923, Oct 10 1923d issue circle network p. 14 (18 stamps)
X 500thm brn circle network
X 1mil grnbl circle network
X 2mil dlvio circle network
X 4mil yelgrn circle network
X 5mil carrose circle network
X 10mil ver circle network
X 20mil dkbl circle network
X 30mil cl circle network
X 50mil dlgrn circle network
X 100mil gray circle network
X 200mil bisbrn circle network
X 500mil olgrn circle network
X 1mld dkbrn circle network
X 2mld blkgrn & dlbrn circle network
X 5mld brn & yelorg circle network
X 10mld dkyelgrn & olgrn circle network
X 20mld brn & dkblgrn circle network
X 50mld brtbl & dkbl circle network

1923, Oct 26 1923e issue circle network p. serr roul 13.5 (9 stamps)
X 10mil circle network
X 20mil circle network
X 50mil circle network
X 200mil circle network
X 1mld circle network
X 2mld circle network
X 5mld circle network
X 20mld circle network
X 50mld circle network

1923, Nov 16 1923f issue ovpted circle network p. 14 (6 stamps)
- 5mld on 2mil dlvio circle network
X 5mld on 10mil ver circle network
X 5mld on 4mil yelgrn circle network
- 10mld on 20mil dkbl circle network
X 10mld on 50mil dlgrn circle network
- 10mld on 100mil gray circle network

1923, Nov 17 1923g issue ovpted p. serr roul 13.5
X 5mld on 10mil circle network
- 10mld on 20mil circle network
X 10mld on 50mil circle network

1923, Dec 1 p. 14 (6 stamps)
X 3pf brn
X 5pf dkgrn
X 10pf car
X 20pf ultra
X 50pf org
X 100pf brnvio

1924, Mar 1924 issue (10 stamps)
X 3pf ltbrn German eagle
X 5pf ltgrn German eagle
X 10pf ver German eagle
X 20pf bl German eagle
X 30pf redvio German eagle
X 40pf olgrn German eagle
X 50pf org German eagle
X 1m grn Rheinstein Castle
X 2m bl view of Cologne
X 3m cl Marienburg Castle

1924, May UPU 50th issue (5 stamps)
X 10pf dkgrn von Stephan & dates
X 20pf dkbl von Stephan & dates
X 60pf redbrn von Stephan
- 60pf redbrn von Stephan, chalky paper (1928)
X 80pf sl von Stephan

1925, May 30
X 5pf grn traffic wheel
X 10pf ver traffic wheel

1925, May 30 Rhineland return issue
X 5pf grn German eagle & Rhine valley
X 10pf ver German eagle & Rhine valley
X 20pf bl German eagle & Rhine valley

1925, Sep 11
X 5m dlgrn Speyer Cathedral

1926, Nov 1 1926 issue - portraits (1926) (12 stamps)
- 3pf olbrn Goethe
X 3pf bis Goethe (1927)
X 5pf dkgrn Schiller
X 8pf blgrn Beethoven
X 10pf car Frederick the Great
X 15pf ver Kant
X 20pf myrgrn Beethoven
X 25pf bl Goethe
X 30pf olgrn Lessing
X 40pf dpvio Leibniz
X 50pf brn Bach
X 80pf choc Durer

1927, Oct 10
X 8pf IAA
X 15pf IAA
X 25pf IAA

1928, Sep 1 1928 issue (19 stamps)
X 3pf och Ebert
X 4pf ltbl Hindenburg (1931)
X 5pf ltgrn Hindenburg
X 6pf olgrn Ebert (1932)
X 8pf dkgrn Ebert
X 10pf ver Ebert
X 10pf ltredvio Ebert (1930)
X 12pf redorg Hindenburg
X 15pf carrose Hindenburg
X 20pf prusgrn Ebert
X 20pf gray Ebert (1930)
X 25pf bl Hindenburg
X 30pf oldb Ebert
X 40pf dlvio Hindenburg
X 45pf dporg Ebert
X 50pf graybrn Hindenburg
X 60pf brnred Ebert
X 80pf viobrn Hindenburg
X 80pf yeloch Hindenburg (1930)

1930, May
- 2m view of Cologne

1930, Jun 30 ovpted
X 8pf dkgrn ovpt, Ebert

1930, Jun 30 ovpted
X 15pf carrose ovpt, Hindenburg

1932, Oct 1 Hindenburg (7 stamps)
X 4pf ltbl Hindenburg
X 5pf ltemer Hindenburg
X 12pf orgred Hindenburg
X 15pf red Hindenburg
X 25pf dpultra Hindenburg
X 40pf pur Hindenburg
- 50pf redbrn Hindenburg

1933, Apr 1933 issue Hindenburg (9 stamps)
X 3pf bisbrn Hindenburg
X 4pf prusbl Hindenburg
X 6pf dkgrn Hindenburg
X 8pf redorg Hindenburg
X 10pf brn Hindenburg
X 12pf car Hindenburg
- 15pf plum Hindenburg
X 20pf brtbl Hindenburg
X 30pf dkolgrn Hindenburg
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