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1928, Sep 1 Coronation of King Zog I issue (no wmk info) (no perf info) (9 stamps)
- 1q orgbrn ovpt, King Zog I
- 2q sl ovpt, King Zog I
- 5q blgrn ovpt, King Zog I
- 10q rosered ovpt, King Zog I
- 15q bis ovpt, King Zog I
- 25q bl ovpt, King Zog I
- 50q lilrose ovpt, King Zog I
- 1fr bl & sl ovpt, King Zog I
- 2fr grn & dkgray Perf : 13½ x 14

1928, Oct ovpted King Zog I (11 stamps)
X 1q orgbrn ovpt, King Zog I
X 2q sl ovpt, King Zog I
- 5q blgrn ovpt, King Zog I
X 10q rosered ovpt, King Zog I
- 15q bis ovpt, King Zog I
X 25q bl ovpt, King Zog I
X 50q lilrose ovpt, King Zog I
- 1fr bl & sl ovpt, King Zog I
X 2fr grn & sl ovpt, King Zog I
- 3fr dkred & olbis ovpt, King Zog I
- 5fr dlvio & gray ovpt, King Zog I

1929 ovpted unwmk
- 1q on 50q slgrn Ahmed Zogu
- 5q on 25q dkbl Ahmed Zogu
- 15q on 10q red Ahmed Zogu

1929, Oct 8 ovpted Ahmed Zogu (8 stamps)
- 1q org ovpt, Ahmed Zogu
- 2q redbrn ovpt, Ahmed Zogu
- 5q dlgrn ovpt, Ahmed Zogu
- 10q red ovpt, Ahmed Zogu
- 25q dkbl ovpt, Ahmed Zogu
- 50q slgrn ovpt, Ahmed Zogu
- 1fr scar & ultra ovpt, Ahmed Zogu, p. 13.5
- 2fr grn & org ovpt, Ahmed Zogu, p. 13.5

1930, Sep 1 Zog 2nd issue wmk. double headed eagle p. 14 (11 stamps)
X 1q sl Lake Butrinto
X 2q orgred Lake Butrinto
X 5q yelgrn King Zog
X 10q car King Zog
X 15q dkbrn King Zog
X 25q bl King Zog
- 50q dkgrn Lake Butrinto
- 1fr vio Ahmet Zog Bridge over the Mat
- 2fr ind Ahmet Zog Bridge over the Mat
- 3fr ol Ruins of Fortress Zogu
- 5fr redbrn Ruins of Fortress Zogu

1934, Dec 24 1924 constitution 10th issue ovpted (8 stamps)
- 1q sl ovpt, Lake Butrinto
- 2q orgred ovpt, Lake Butrinto
- 5q yelgrn ovpt, King Zog
- 10q car ovpt, King Zog
- 15q dkbrn ovpt, King Zog
- 25q bl ovpt, King Zog
- 50q dkgrn ovpt, Lake Butrinto
- 1fr vio ovpt, Ahmet Zog Bridge over the Mat
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201 to 250 of 734048