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Name: person
Type list of persons

Appearing in designs:
hieroglyphics, library, person using computer Great Britain 9/8/1982 15 1/2p dt=information technology
person & Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer Mozambique 4/15/2018 116.00MT issue=100th Anniversary of the Death of Gustav Klimt
person in cotton field Cameroun 3/26/1973 5fr issue=3rd 5-year plan
person in wheelchair (2 stamps, Great Britain & Peru, 1975-1982)
person in wheelchair inside labyrinth Netherlands 9/6/1977 40c issue=AVO 50th
person missing a leg Zimbabwe 9/23/1981 11c dt=disabilities

Appearing in design types:
famous persons (1969) (4 stamps of German Democratic Republic, 1969)
famous persons (1974) (4 stamps of Jersey, 1974)
famous persons (1987) (6 stamps of France, 1987)
famous persons (1988) (9 stamps, France & Belgium, 1988)
famous persons (1994) (4 stamps of North Macedonia, 1994)

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