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giant beaked whale

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Name: giant beaked whale
Type: whale

Not in any designs.

Berardius bairdii
Berardius bairdii (1992) North Korea 10/20/1992 50ch issue=Whales 1992 dt=whales (1992)
Berardius bairdii (2001 Grenada) 9/10/2001 $3 issue=Whales and Dolphins 2001 dt=whales and dolphins (2001 Grenada)
Berardius bairdii (2001 Guinea) 2/28/2001 1000fr issue=Marine Life 2001
Berardius bairdii (2001 Micronesia) 2/27/2001 60c issue=Whales of the Pacific
Berardius bairdii (2011) Palau 3/11/2011 75c issue=Whales of the World

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