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Name: weapon
Type: manufacture
Type list of weapons

Appearing in designs:
weapons (2 stamps, French Polynesia & Israel, 1987-2009)

Appearing in design types:
antique weapons (1979) (4 stamps of Yugoslavia)
antique weapons (2004) (4 stamps of North Macedonia)
Traditional Malay weapons (9 stamps of Malaysia, 1984-1995)
Traditional weapons (1984) (6 stamps of Mozambique)
Traditional weapons (1994) (4 stamps of Nepal)
Traditional weapons (1996) (4 stamps of Botswana)
weapons (1970) (3 stamps of Algeria)
weapons (1976) (3 stamps of Indonesia)
weapons (1980) (3 stamps of Liechtenstein)
weapons (2007) (4 stamps of Georgia)
weapons and Military Insignia (4 stamps of St. Helena, 1972)
weapons of the Skanderbeg Army (3 stamps of Albania, 1977)
weapons of Victory (4 stamps of Russia, 2012)

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