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Oriental stork

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Name: Oriental stork
Type: bird

Appearing in designs:
Oriental stork & Shinkoro Tower Japan 6/23/1994 50y issue=Prefectural - Hyogo 1994

Ciconia boyciana
Ciconia boyciana & Himeji-jo Japan 1/15/2013 80y issue=60th Anniversary of Enforcement of the Local Autonomy Law - Hyogo Prefecture
Ciconia boyciana (1982) Russia 6/10/1982 32k issue=18th International Ornithological Congress dt=birds (1982 Russia)
Ciconia boyciana (1991) North Korea 2/5/1991 70ch issue=Birds 1991 dt=birds (1991 North Korea)
Ciconia boyciana (1992) North Korea 6/28/1992 30ch issue=Dr. Won Hong Gu
Ciconia boyciana (1993) Korea 5/24/1993 20w dt=flora and fauna (1993)
Ciconia boyciana (2007) Russia 10/1/2007 5.00r issue=WWF Endangered species
Oriental White Stork
Oriental White Stork (1964) Japan 10y issue=birds 1963
Oriental White Stork (2005) Japan 6/6/2005 80y issue=Re-introduction of the Oriental White Stork

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