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Abdim's stork

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Name: Abdim's stork
Type: bird

Not in any designs.

Ciconia abdimii
Ciconia abdimii (1983) Venda 2/16/1983 40c dt=Migratory birds (1983)
Ciconia abdimii (1991) Monaco 2/22/1991 2.00fr issue=International Symposium on Bird Migration dt=birds (1991 Monaco)
Ciconia abdimii (1994) Namibia 6/3/1994 40c dt=storks
Ciconia abdimii (2011) Sierra Leone 9/26/2011 4000le issue=Seabirds of West Africa dt=Seabirds of West Africa
Value: $4 - Ciconia abdimii Namibia 6/6/2003 Non Standard Mail issue=Cuvelai Drainage System
Sphenorhynchus abdimi
Sphenorhynchus abdimi Democratic Republic of the Congo 8/31/1963 40c issue=1963 dt=birds (1963 Democratic Republic of the Congo)

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