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Mt Everest (synonym of Mount Everest)

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Name: Mt Everest
Type: mountain
Synonym of: Mount Everest

Appearing in designs:
Mt Everest & flag of Nepal & flag of China 8/1/2015 20r issue=China-Nepal cooperation
Mt Everest (1953) (2 stamps of India)
Mt Everest (1960) Nepal 6/30/1960 10p issue=Mahendra & Himalayan peaks
Mt Everest (2002) Mozambique 5/6/2002 17000m issue=International Year of Mountains
Mt Everest (2004) Nepal 10/19/2004 10.00r dt=mountains of Nepal
Mt Everest from Kala Patthar Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serb administration 4/16/2003 1.50m issue=50th Anniversary of the Everest Expedition first Ascent

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