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Name: longboat
Type: watercraft

Appearing in designs:
Columbus in longboat Antigua 3/16/1988 $1 issue=500th Anniversary of the Discovery of America
Launching longboat Tristan da Cunha 6/1/1972 2 1/2p dt=Tristan longboats
longboat (1984) (2 stamps of Pitcairn Islands)
longboat (2016) Malaysia 5/26/2016 70sen issue=River Transportation in Sarawak
longboat at sea Pitcairn Islands 5/22/2000 20c issue=Millennium
longboat under sail Tristan da Cunha 6/1/1972 12 1/2p dt=Tristan longboats

Appearing in design types:
longboats (2001) (8 stamps of Tristan da Cunha)

No synonyms.

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