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Candidate designs:
  • Colnect-1984-722-Common-Octopus-Octopus-vulgaris.jpg
  • Colnect-5880-083-Octopus.jpg
Name: octopus
Type: mollusc
Type list of octopuses

Appearing in designs:
Deep-ocean octopus United States 2/22/2018 forever issue=Bioluminescent Life
Gorgonia flavelum, Tubastrea sp., octopus Venezuela 7/31/1998 200b issue=Expo '98
octopus (1980) Zil Elwannyen Sesel 5r issue=1980
octopus (1986) Tanzania 8/20/1986 20sh dt=marine life (1986 Tanzania)
octopus (1996) (2 stamps of New Zealand)
octopus (2003) San Marino 1/24/2003 0.41€ issue=Gastronomy specialities dt=gastronomy specialities
octopus (2008) Tanzania 8/15/2008 700sh issue=Tanzania Marine Parks
octopus (2012) Croatia 7/2/2012 4.60k dt=Croatian Gastronomy
octopus (2014) Tanzania 3/25/2014 1800sh issue=Marine Life 2014 dt=marine life (2014 Tanzania)
octopus (octopus vulgaris) Niuafo'ou 7/25/2002 80 issue=Cephalapods
octopus holding numbers & letters Netherlands Antilles 10/31/1991 40+15c issue=Youth Care Campaign
octopus snail Curacao 10/14/2014 177c issue=Caricatures of Marine Life
submarine gripped by octopus and Jules Verne Central African Republic 6/5/1985 300fr issue=International Youth Year

pulpo Uruguay 10/10/1968 15p dt=Uruguayan marine fauna

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