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post office

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  • Colnect-2240-104-Opening-of-the-Central-Post-Office-in-Makati.jpg
Name: post office
Type: building
Type list of post offices

Appearing in designs:
Emblem of Postal Services & post office China, ROC 3/20/1966 $3 issue=70th Anniversary of Postal Service
mail coach leaving post office (8 stamps of Romania, 1903)
post office (85 stamps, 1896-2008, 44 are ovpts)
post office & Imelda Marcos & Rotary emblem (3 stamps of Philippines, 1968)

Appearing in design types:
Historic post offices (1987) (4 stamps of German Democratic Republic, 1987)
Historic post offices (1996) (3 stamps of Gabon, 1996)

No synonyms.

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