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red flag

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Name: red flag
Type: flag

Appearing in designs:
children with red flag Bulgaria 9/8/1959 1.25l issue=liberation 15th
fist with hammer sickle red flag Romania 5/28/1973 40b issue=Romanian Labor Party 25th
Freedom Fighters before the red flag Albania 9/16/1967 0.25l issue=25 Years People's Democratic Party
globe & red flag German Democratic Republic 9/11/1973 20pf issue=Problems review 15th
globe red flag North Korea 6/23/1973 40ch issue=Five-point Program for Reunification of Korea
globe the red flag German Democratic Republic 4/11/1983 85pf issue=Karl Marx death 100th
hands holding red flag Poland 6/15/1964 60g issue=4th Polish United Workers Party congress
Karl Liebknecht & red flag German Democratic Republic 10/7/1951 24pf issue=Karl Liebknecht 80th
Kremlin and red flag Russia 12/4/1986 5k issue=New Year 1987
red flag (2 stamps, Yugoslavia & Hungary, 1958-1976)
red flag combine Bulgaria 9/9/1964 5s issue=people's government 25th
red flags Yugoslavia 4/20/1959 20d issue=Yugoslav Communist Party 40th

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