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Candidate designs:
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Name: airport
Type: institution
Type list of airports

Appearing in designs:
Abu Dhabi airport Abu Dhabi 9/22/1970 25f issue=Sheik Zaid accession 4th dt=Completion of Abu Dhabi Airport
Abu Dhabi airport entrance (2 stamps, Abu Dhabi & Fiji, 1970-1996)
airplanes at airport Cameroun 4/4/1981 300fr issue=10th Anniversary of Cameroun Airlines
Boeing 737s at airport Brunei 5/14/1975 12c issue=Royal Brunei Airlines
Caravelle over airport Upper Volta 2/29/1968 500fr
flag of Lufthansa & airport German Democratic Republic 2/1/1956 5pf issue=Lufthansa passenger service
Focke-Wulf Condor FW 200 over airport Germany 2/11/1944 6+4pf issue=25th Anniversary of Airmail
Main building of the airport of the city of Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi 3/28/1969 10f issue=recent progress
plane over airport (2 stamps, Bolivia & French Polynesia, 1955-1960)
UPU monument airport & city Papua New Guinea 1/23/1980 35t issue=UPU membership

Appearing in design types:
airports (1977) (2 stamps of New Caledonia, 1977)
plane over airport (8 stamps of Maldive Islands, 1967)

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