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Syncerus caffer nanus (synonym of African forest buffalo)

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Name: Syncerus caffer nanus
Type: mammal
Synonym of: African forest buffalo

Appearing in designs:
Syncerus caffer nanus (1964) (2 stamps of Guinea, 1964)
Syncerus caffer nanus (1966) Upper Volta 1/15/1966 20fr issue=1966 dt=animals (1966 Upper Volta)
Syncerus caffer nanus (1975) (2 stamps of Burundi, 1975)
Syncerus caffer nanus (1981) Cameroun 7/20/1981 50fr dt=Endangered Animals (1981)
Syncerus caffer nanus (1995) Senegal 11/13/1995 90fr dt=wild animals (1995)
Syncerus caffer nanus (2001) Ivory Coast 5/14/2001 50fr issue=Animal Park

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