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  • Colnect-851-308-First-Mayotte-R-eacute-union-flight-20th-Anniversary.jpg
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  • Colnect-1154-253-50--deg--anniv-the-arrival-of-Alain-Gerbault-in-Bora-Bora.jpg

Candidate designs:
  • Colnect-898-683-South-Pacific-island.jpg
Name: island
Type: place
Type list of islands

Appearing in designs:
airplane & islands Mayotte 11/29/1997 5fr issue=Mayotte-Reunion flight 20th
dove & rainbow over island French Polynesia 10/5/1978 23fr
sailboat Firecrest & island & Alain Gerbault French Polynesia 5/25/1976 90fr issue=Alain Gerbault arrival 50th

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