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Actitis macularia (synonym of spotted sandpiper)

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Name: Actitis macularia
Type: bird
Synonym of: spotted sandpiper

Appearing in designs:
Actitis macularia Liberia 12/20/1999 $15 issue=Marine Life 1999 dt=marine life (1999 Liberia)
spotted sandpiper Actitis macularia (1988) Montserrat 12/1/1988 90c issue=Christmas 1988 dt=birds (1988 Montserrat)
spotted sandpiper Actitis macularia (1989) Tristan da Cunha 11/20/1989 25p dt=Migratory birds (1989)
spotted sandpiper Actitis macularia (1999) St. Kitts 4/27/1999 80c issue=IBRA 99 dt=birds of the Eastern Caribbean

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