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Acanthaster planci (synonym of crown-of-thorns seastar)

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Name: Acanthaster planci
Type: animal
Synonym of: crown-of-thorns seastar

Appearing in designs:
Acanthaster planci (1976) Panama 5/6/1976 4c dt=marine life (1976)
Acanthaster planci (1994) Costa Rica 4/29/1994 50col dt=marine life (1994 Costa Rica)
Acanthaster planci (2001) Somalia 12/21/2001 3000sh issue=Starfish
Acanthaster planci (2002) (2 stamps of Indonesia)
Acanthaster planci (2017) China, ROC 1/5/2017 5$ issue=starfishes
crown-of-thorns - Acanthaster planci British Indian Ocean Territory 8/1/2001 34p issue=World Wildlife Fund 2001 dt=Starfish
Crown-of-thorns Starfish Acanthaster planci Dominica 2/27/2001 90c issue=Caribbean Marine Life

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