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Anaea marthesia (synonym of Siderone galanthis)

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Name: Anaea marthesia
Type: butterfly
Synonym of: Siderone galanthis

Appearing in designs:
Anaea marthesia (1983) El Salvador 5/31/1983 10c dt=butterflies (1983 El Salvador)
Anaea marthesia (1993) Bolivia 6/4/1993 2.30b dt=butterflies (1993 Bolivia)
Anaea marthesia (1994) Guyana 7/5/1994 $50 issue=Butterflies 1994 a
Anaea marthesia (2001) Liberia 9/15/2001 $20 issue=Butterflies from Around the World 2001 dt=butterflies from Around the World (2001)

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