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shortfin mako shark

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Name: shortfin mako shark
Type: shark

Not in any designs.

Isurus oxyrinchus
Isurus oxyrinchus (1981) Cuba 2/25/1981 1c dt=fishes (1981 Cuba)
Isurus oxyrinchus (1995) Marshall Islands 8/21/1995 60c issue=Pacific Game Fish
Isurus oxyrinchus (2008) Morocco 9/18/2008 3.25d dt=marine fauna of Morocco
Isurus oxyrinchus (a) Gambia 10/19/1989 15d dt=fishes (1989 Gambia)
Sphyrna lewini - Isurus oxyrinchus Brazil 11/26/2006 1.90r$ dt=sharks from Brazilian Coast

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