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Papilio xuthus

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Name: Papilio xuthus
Type: butterfly

Appearing in designs:
Chinese Yellow Swallowtail Papilio xuthus (3 stamps of Niuafo'ou, 2016)
Papilio xuthus Niuafo'ou 1/4/2016 $83 issue=Butterflies 2016
Papilio xuthus (1976) Korea 3/20/1976 20w dt=butterflies (1976 Korea)
Papilio xuthus (1991) Cambodia 11/16/1991 25r issue=Philanippon '91 dt=butterflies (1991 Cambodia)
Papilio xuthus (1998) Burkina Faso 10/15/1998 1500fr issue=Butterflies and Moths 1998 dt=Butterflies and Moths (1998)
Papilio xuthus (2007) Mozambique 20MTn issue=Butterflies and flowers

Chinese Yellow Swallowtail
Chinese Yellow Swallowtail Papilio xuthus (3 stamps of Niuafo'ou, 2016)

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