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Geochelone sulcata (synonym of African spurred tortoise)

  • Colnect-2078-113-African-Spurred-Tortoise-Centrochelys-sulcata.jpg
  • Colnect-2189-114-African-Spurred-Tortoise-Geochelone-sulcata.jpg

Candidate designs:
  • Colnect-3532-062-African-Spurred-Tortoise-Geochelone-sulcata.jpg
Name: Geochelone sulcata
Type: reptile
Synonym of: African spurred tortoise

Appearing in designs:
Geochelone sulcata (1976) Mali 3/31/1976 40fr dt=reptiles (1976 Mali)
Geochelone sulcata (1995) Senegal 11/13/1995 275fr dt=wild animals (1995)

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