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Gecarcinus ruricola

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Name: Gecarcinus ruricola
Type: crab

Appearing in designs:
blue land crab Gecarcinus ruricola Dominica 10/1973 22c dt=crabs & plants
Gecarcinus ruricola (1969) Cuba 5/20/1969 5c dt=crustaceans (1969)
Gecarcinus ruricola (1990) Grenada Grenadines 9/17/1990 $4 issue=crustaceans 1990 dt=crustaceans (1990)
Gecarcinus ruricola (1999) Uganda 3/15/1999 500sh issue=International Year of the Ocean
Gecarcinus ruricola (2009) Dominican Republic 10/6/2009 $10 issue=crabs 2009 dt=crabs (2009)
mountain crab Gecarcinus ruricola Nevis 6/25/1990 60c issue=500th Anniversary of Discovery of America dt=crabs (1990 Nevis)

No synonyms.

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