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Cuban flag (synonym of flag of Cuba)

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Candidate designs:
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Name: Cuban flag
Type: flag
Synonym of: flag of Cuba

Appearing in designs:
boy waving Cuban flag China, PRC 1/1/1964 8f issue=5th anniversary of the liberation of Cuba
Che Guevara & Cuban flag & Fidel Castro Nicaragua 1/1/1984 6cord issue=25th Anniversary of Cuban Revolution
Cuban flag & women Cuba 8/23/2000 15c issue=Federation of Cuban Women 40th
Cuban flag rifles Cuba 1/3/1969 13c issue=10th Anniversary of "The Triumph of the Rebellion"
Ligythouse & Cuban flag Cuba 7/3/1951 25c issue=flag adoption 100th
Son dancers & Cuban flag Cuba 8/16/2005 65c issue=Joint Issue with Brazil

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