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Harry S. Truman

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Candidate designs:
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Name: Harry S. Truman
Type: person
Dates: 1965 – 1973

Harry S. Truman Israel 1975
Harry S. Truman death 1973
Harry S. Truman memorial United States 1973

Appearing in designs:
Harry S. Truman (1973) United States 5/8/1973 8c issue=Harry S. Truman memorial
Harry S. Truman (1975) Israel 3/4/1975 5lb issue=Harry S. Truman
Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower & Laos 7/30/1975 1000k issue=200th Anniversary of American Revolution
Harry S. Truman (1984) United States 1984 20c issue=Great Americans
Harry S. Truman & NATO emblems (2 stamps, Antigua & Barbuda, 1984, 1 is ovpt)
Harry S. Truman & NATO meeting (2 stamps, Antigua & Barbuda, 1984, 1 is ovpt)
Harry S. Truman (1986) United States 5/22/1986 22c issue=Ameripex sheets
Harry S. Truman (1989) Turks & Caicos Islands 11/19/1989 50c issue=World Stamp Expo '89
Harry S. Truman (1996) Tanzania 10/4/1996 100sh issue=100th Anniversary of the Invention of Wireless Telegraphy
Harry S. Truman (1999) Palau 3/4/1999 77c issue=Personalities 1999
Harry S. Truman (2007) Grenada 7/16/2007 33c issue=Presidents of the United States of America
Harry S. Truman & 48-star flag Liberia 4/15/2009 $20 issue=Presidents of the United States

President Truman
President Truman, Map of Brazil, Statue of Liberty Brazil 9/1/1947 40c issue=Truman visit to Brazil
President Plaza & President Truman (2 stamps of Ecuador, 1952)
President Truman (1995) Grenada Grenadines 5/8/1995 $6 issue=50th Anniversary of End of Second World War in Europe
President Truman (1996) Gambia 7/25/1996 25d issue=100th Anniversary of Radio
Churchill and Truman St. Lucia 11/30/1974 $1 issue=100th birthday of Sir Winston Churchill
Coolidge Hoover Franklin D Roosevelt Truman St. Vincent 9/11/1975 45c issue=200th Anniversary of American Independence dt=US presidents
Truman announces Japans surrender United States 9/2/1995 32c issue=1945: Victory at Last dt=World War II (1991)
Harry Truman
Harry Truman Liberia 7/15/1982 14c dt=Presidents of the United States (1981)
Harry S Truman
Harry S Truman, 1945-1953 Marshall Islands 4/18/2000 33c issue=American Presidents
President Harry S. Truman
President Harry S. Truman holds up newspaper United States 2/18/1999 33c issue=Celebrate the Century 1940s

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