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René Caillié

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Issue but not design:
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Name: René Caillié
Type: person
Dates: 1799 – 1839

René Caillié birth 1799
200th Anniversary of the Birth of René Caillié France 1999
Rene Caillie birth 1799
180th Anniversary of the Birth of Rene Caillie Mali 1979
René Caillié death 1839
Caillie (joint issue)
— Caillie - Dahomey, French Guinea, French Sudan, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Togo (8) 1939

Appearing in designs:
René Caillié France 6/26/1999 4.50fr issue=200th Anniversary of the Birth of René Caillié

Rene Caillie
map of West Africa & Rene Caillie (26 stamps, Dahomey & 8 others, 1939-1944, 2 are ovpts)
Rene Caillie Uganda 11/15/1989 90sh issue=Exploration of Africa

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