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Name: glacier
Type: place
Type list of glaciers

Appearing in designs:
climbers crossing a glacier Switzerland 3/7/2013 85c issue=150 Years of the Swiss Alpine Club
glacier (1959) Nepal 4/14/1959 4p issue=1959
glacier (2007) France 4/30/2007 Lettre prioritaire 20g issue=Holidays 2007
glacier and icebergs United States 10/1/2012 forever issue=Earthscapes
glacier Ice New Zealand 9/1/1992 45c dt=New Zealand scenery (1992)
glacier Ice (1992) New Zealand 6/12/1992 45c dt=glaciers (1992)
glacier observations Russia 8/18/1959 10k issue=IGY
Northrop Gamma over glacier Australian Antarctic Territory 8/15/1973 30c issue=1973

Appearing in design types:
glaciers (1992) (6 stamps of New Zealand)
glaciers of Iceland (5 stamps, 2007)
glaciers of Kyrgyzstan (6 stamps, 2009)
glaciers of Tajikistan (2 stamps, 2009)

No synonyms.

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