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"Hikari" Express Train

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Name: "Hikari" Express Train
Type: train type

Appearing in designs:
"Hikari" Express Train Nevis 8/12/1991 $5 issue=Phila Nippon '91
"Hikari" Express Train (Japan) Mali 11/17/1980 120fr dt=Locomotives (1980 Mali)
"Hikari" Express Train, Japan (4 stamps, 1985-1999)
"Hikari" Express Train, Japan (1964) Nevis 10/29/1984 $2.50 issue=Leaders of the World - Railway Locomotives
"Hikari" Express Train, Series 200, Japa… Bhutan 11/25/1996 70nu dt=Trains (1996)

No synonyms.

Record of changes
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