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Watermark "winged wheel"

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Short desc: winged wheel

Used by 765 stamps: (See all uses as list)

5/1945 20c rosered issue=Empire no fasces b d=Julius Caesar (1945)
5/1945 60c slgrn issue=Empire no fasces b d=Victor Emmanuel III (1944)
5/1945 1l issue=Empire no fasces b d=Julius Caesar
5/1945 1.20l issue=Empire no fasces b d=Italia (1945)
5/1945 2l issue=Empire no fasces b d=Italia (1945)
5/1945 5l issue=Empire no fasces b d=She-Wolf of Rome
5/1945 10l pur issue=Empire no fasces b d=Italia (1945)
10/1/1945 10c rosebrn issue=Peace d=breaking chain
10/1/1945 20c dkbrn issue=Peace d=family & scales
10/1/1946 25c blgrn issue=Peace d=torch
10/1/1945 40c blgray issue=Peace d=planting tree
7/3/1946 50c vio issue=Peace d=breaking chain
10/1/1945 60c dkgrn issue=Peace d=tying tree
10/1/1945 80c car issue=Peace d=breaking chain
10/1/1945 1l dkgrn issue=Peace d=planting tree
10/1/1945 1.20l brn issue=Peace d=torch
10/1/1945 2l dkbrn issue=Peace d=tying tree
10/1/1945 3l red issue=Peace d=torch
5/10/1946 4l redorg issue=Peace d=torch
10/1/1945 5l dkbl issue=Peace d=family & scales
5/5/1947 6l grayvio issue=Peace d=planting tree
10/1/1945 10l sl issue=Peace d=breaking chain
7/3/1946 15l bl issue=Peace d=planting tree
10/1/1945 20l dkredvio issue=Peace d=torch
10/1/1945 25l dkgrn issue=Peace d=Italia & sprouting stump
10/1/1945 50l viobrn issue=Peace d=Italia & sprouting stump
7/29/1946 100l carlake issue=Peace d=family
10/30/1946 1l brn issue=proclamation of republic d=Cathedral of Amalfi
10/30/1946 2l dkbl issue=proclamation of republic d=Church of San Michele in Lucca
10/30/1946 3l dkblgrn issue=proclamation of republic d=fresco
10/30/1946 4l org issue=proclamation of republic d=Florence
10/30/1946 5l vio issue=proclamation of republic d=domes of Pisa
10/30/1946 10l red issue=proclamation of republic d=Genoa receives the homage of the settlers
10/30/1946 15l ultra issue=proclamation of republic d=Glory of Venice
10/30/1946 20l brn issue=proclamation of republic d=oath of Pontida
1948 8l grn issue=more Peace
1947 10l redorg issue=more Peace d=family & scales
1948 30l issue=more Peace
3/1/1948 3l issue=St Catherine of Siena 600th d=Saint Catherine in charitable attitude
3/1/1948 5l issue=St Catherine of Siena 600th d=St Catherine with the cross
3/1/1948 10l brnvio&vio issue=St Catherine of Siena 600th d=Saint Catherine in hieratic attitude
3/1/1948 30l och&gray issue=St Catherine of Siena 600th d=Santa Caterina & said one of the Dialogues
4/12/1948 10l pur issue=constitution proclamation
4/12/1948 30l bl issue=constitution proclamation
5/3/1948 3l dkolbrn issue=Risorgimento 100th d=Palermo uprising
5/3/1948 4l redpur issue=Risorgimento 100th
5/3/1948 5l bl issue=Risorgimento 100th
5/3/1948 6l grn issue=Risorgimento 100th
5/3/1948 8l brn issue=Risorgimento 100th
5/3/1948 10l red issue=Risorgimento 100th

All are Italy perf=14
(plus 715 more)