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Watermark "coat of arms"

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Short desc: coat of arms

Used by 61 stamps: (See all uses as list)

South Africa 10/1959 1/2p issue=1959 dt=animals (1959 South Africa) d=warthog (1959)
South Africa 10/1959 1p issue=1959 dt=animals (1959 South Africa) d=gnu
South Africa 10/1959 3p issue=1959 dt=animals (1959 South Africa) d=white rhinoceros (1959)
South Africa 10/1959 4p ltgrn&blblk issue=1959 dt=animals (1959 South Africa) d=elephant (1959)
South Africa 10/1959 6p org&brn issue=1959 dt=animals (1959 South Africa) d=lion (1959)
South Africa 10/1959 1sh redbrn&brn issue=1959 dt=animals (1959 South Africa) d=kudu (1959)
South Africa 10/1959 2sh6p issue=1959 dt=animals (1959 South Africa) d=nyala
South Africa 10/1959 5sh org&brn issue=1959 dt=animals (1959 South Africa) d=giraffe (1959 South Africa)
South Africa 11/16/1959 3p issue=South African National Antarctic Expedition d=globe showing route
South Africa 5/2/1960 1sh3p dkbl d=map&locomotives
South Africa 5/2/1960 4p issue=union 50th
South Africa 5/2/1960 6p issue=union 50th d=Coat of arms of the four provinces of the Cape of Good Hope
South Africa 5/2/1960 1sh issue=union 50th d=pushing wheel
South Africa 5/2/1960 1sh6p issue=union 50th
South Africa 5/31/1960 3p d=prime ministers
South Africa 2/14/1961 1/2c issue=1961
South Africa 2/14/1961 1c issue=1961
South Africa 2/14/1961 1 1/2c issue=1961
South Africa 2/14/1961 2c issue=1961
South Africa 2/14/1961 2 1/2c issue=1961
South Africa 2/14/1961 3 1/2c issue=1961 d=flag of South Africa
South Africa 2/14/1961 5c issue=1961
South Africa 2/14/1961 7 1/2c issue=1961
South Africa 2/14/1961 10c issue=1961
South Africa 2/14/1961 12 1/2c dkgrn&dkbrn issue=1961 d=springbok (1961)
South Africa 2/14/1961 20c issue=1961
South Africa 2/14/1961 50c issue=1961
South Africa 2/14/1961 1r issue=1961
South Africa 5/31/1961 1/2c issue=1961b d=pigmy kingfisher
South Africa 5/31/1961 1c issue=1961b d=Kaffir boom flower
South Africa 5/31/1961 1 1/2c issue=1961b d=Afrikander bull
South Africa 5/31/1961 2c bl&yel issue=1961b d=pouring gold
South Africa 5/31/1961 2 1/2c vio&grn issue=1961b d=Groot Constantia
South Africa 5/31/1961 3c scar&blblk issue=1961b d=crimson-breasted shrike
South Africa 5/31/1961 5c issue=1961b d=baobab tree
South Africa 5/31/1961 7 1/2c issue=1961b d=corn (1961 South Africa)
South Africa 5/31/1961 10c issue=1961b d=castle entrance,Cape Town
South Africa 5/31/1961 12 1/2c issue=1961b d=Protea flower
South Africa 5/31/1961 20c issue=1961b d=secretary bird (1961)
South Africa 5/31/1961 50c issue=1961b d=Cape Town harbor
South Africa 5/31/1961 1r issue=1961b d=bird of paradise flower
South West Africa 1960 1p issue=1960 d=gazelles
South West Africa 1960 2p dkbrn issue=1960 d=Cave Drawings
South West Africa 1960 3p dkpur issue=1960 d=Rhinoceros Hunt
South West Africa 1960 4p dkol issue=1960 d=elephant
South West Africa 1960 1sh6p lil issue=1960 d=Ukuanjama Girl
South West Africa 2/14/1961 1/2c bl&brn issue=1961 d=Post Office Windhoek
South West Africa 2/14/1961 1c ltvio&brn issue=1961 d=Rock
South West Africa 2/14/1961 1 1/2c redorg&dkbrn issue=1961 d=Monument Windhoek
South West Africa 2/14/1961 2c yel&dkgrn issue=1961 d=Aloe dichotoma (1961)
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