Watermark "CORREIO*BRASIL*(7mm)"

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Short desc: CORREIO*BRASIL*(7mm)

Users of this watermark: Brazil (62 stamps, 1940-1956)

Used by 62 stamps of Brazil: (See all uses as list)

1940 20r dlvio issue=1940 d=aviation
1940 10r redbrn issue=1940 d=aviation
1940 5400r issue=1940b-Portuguese independence 800th
1940 800r issue=1940b-Portuguese independence 800th
1940 400r issue=1940b-Portuguese independence 800th
1940 200r issue=1940b-Portuguese independence 800th
1940 1000r turqbl issue=1940 d=Mercury (1920)
1940 400r ultra issue=1940 d=Mercury (1920)
1940 200r vio issue=1940 d=fath&energy
1940 100r yelorg issue=1940 d=aviation
1940 600r dlorg issue=1940 d=Mercury (1920) perf=11
9/17/1940 400r car d=Map of Brazil
11/2/1940 400r grn issue=Porto Alegre 200th perf=11
12/18/1940 400r issue=inauguration 10th
1941 50r blgrn issue=1940 d=aviation
1941 100000r bl issue=1941a d=Vargas perf=11
8/1/1941 1000r grayvio issue=Society of Jesus 400th d=Anchieta perf=11
10/20/1941 400r blk issue=Amador Bueno acclamation 300th
10/20/1941 5400r slgrn d=air force emblem perf=11
5/1/1942 200r d=bulls head
5/1/1942 400r d=bulls head
5/25/1942 1000r red d=Bernardino de Campos perf=11
5/25/1942 1200r bl d=Prudente de Morais (1942) perf=11
7/5/1942 400r issue=8th Brazilian education congress
7/5/1942 400r issue=Goiania founding
9/20/1942 400r olbis issue=4th Eucharistic Congress
8/27/1943 40c sl issue=Ubaldino do Amaral 100th d=Ubaldino do Amaral
2/22/1953 1.20cr brn&red d=ledger & winged cap
4/8/1953 60c bl issue=Santo Andre 400th d=J. Ramalho
5/6/1953 1.20cr brnred issue=Reis 100th perf=11.75
5/16/1953 1.50cr ultra d=ship Almirante Saldanha perf=11.75
7/5/1953 1.20cr vio issue=100th Anniversary of the Bank of Brazil d=Viscount de Itaborahy perf=11.75
7/14/1953 1.20cr gray issue=10th International Nursing Congress perf=11.75
7/15/1953 3.80cr grn d=Rio de Janeiro Bay (1953) perf=11.75
8/1/1953 1.20cr grn d=Ministry of Health & Education building perf=11.75
8/15/1953 1.20cr pur issue=Jau city 100th perf=11.75
8/21/1953 60c viobl d=Maria Medeiros perf=11.75
8/25/1953 60c grn issue=Duke of Caxias 150th perf=11.75
8/25/1953 5.80cr grayvio issue=Duke of Caxias 150th d=Duke of Caxias perf=11.75
8/25/1953 3.80cr issue=Duke of Caxias 150th perf=11.75
8/25/1953 1.70cr blgrn issue=Duke of Caxias 150th d=Duke of Caxias perf=11.75
8/25/1953 1.20cr pur issue=Duke of Caxias 150th perf=11.75
8/25/1953 1.40cr d=Peru president visit perf=11.75
9/12/1953 60c ultra issue=5th National Congress of Journalists d=quill pen & Map of Brazil perf=11.75
9/24/1953 1.40cr purbrn issue=Somoza visit d=Anastasio Somoza perf=11.75
9/30/1953 1.20cr brncar issue=Saint-Hilaire 100th d=Auguste de Saint-Hilaire perf=11.75
10/9/1953 60c slbl d=Patrocinio
10/17/1953 60c blgrn issue=Crato city 100th d=Crato clock tower perf=11.75
10/23/1953 60c dlbl d=Abreu perf=11.75
10/23/1953 5cr pur d=Abreu perf=11.75
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