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1sh25c denom (#151) (Aden usage only)

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Desc: 1sh25c

Currency: East African shilling (2000c=20sh=20s=1lb)

Numerical sorting value: 7500

Equivalent denoms: 1.25sh (4)
Unused: 1sh25

Users of this denom: Aden (4 stamps, 1956-1964), Kathiri State of Seiyun (1 stamp, 1964), Quaiti State in Hadhramaut (2 stamps, 1955-1963), South Arabia (1 stamp, 1963) Show with all usages

Used by 4 stamps of Aden: (See all uses as list)

1956 1sh25c blk<bl issue=1953b d=colony badge wmk=mult crown & script CA perf=12x13.5
1/26/1959 1sh25c blk<bl issue=Revised Constitution d=colony badge ovpt=REVISED//CONSTITUTION//1959 oc=red on=issue=1953-1sh25c wmk=mult crown & script CA perf=12x13.5
6/4/1963 1sh25c grn issue=Freedom from Hunger d=sources of protein wmk=St Edwards crown & CA perf=14x14.5
1964 1sh25c blk<bl issue=1953c d=colony badge wmk=St Edwards crown & CA perf=12x13.5