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1n denom (#924)

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Desc: 1n

Currency: Austro-Hungarian krone (n fl) (100nkr=100n=1fl)

Numerical sorting value: 60

Users of this denom: Bosnia & Herzegovina (1 stamp, 1879), Montenegro (3 stamps, 1894-1896)

Used by 4 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Bosnia & Herzegovina 7/1/1879 1n gray issue=1879 d=arms of Austria (1879) wmk=MARKEN perf=VARIOUS
Montenegro 1894 1n graybl d=Prince Nicholas I (1874) wmk=MARKEN perf=small holes
Montenegro postage due 1894 1n red wmk=MARKEN
Montenegro 9/1/1896 1n dkbl&yelbrn d=Cetinje Monastery