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Stamps of Upper Volta, 1928

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1920 1920 issue ovpted on stamp of Upper Senegal & Niger unwmk (no perf info)
- 65c bis & ltbl ovpt, camel with rider

1928 1928 issue (23 stamps)
X 1c ind & grn Hausa chief
X 2c brn & lil Hausa chief
X 4c blk & yel Hausa chief
X 5c ind & graybl Hausa chief
X 10c ind & pink Hausa chief
X 15c Hausa chief
X 20c Hausa chief
X 25c Hausa woman
X 30c Hausa woman
X 40c Hausa woman
- 45c Hausa woman
X 50c Hausa woman
X 65c Hausa woman
X 75c Hausa woman
X 90c Hausa woman
X 1fr brn & grn Hausa warrior
X 1.10fr Hausa warrior
X 1.50fr Hausa warrior
- 2fr Hausa warrior
X 3fr Hausa warrior
X 5fr Hausa warrior
- 10fr Hausa warrior
- 20fr Hausa warrior

postage due

1928 1928 due issue (10 stamps)
X 5c grn
X 10c carrose
X 15c gray
X 20c graybrn
X 30c dkbl
X 50c blk
- 60c org
X 1fr dlvio
X 2fr lilrose
X 3fr orgbrn

1 to 34 of 34