Stamps of China - Hopei, Hong Kong print

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1941 1941g issue ovpted on stamps of China - martyrs (1932) v. joined character Hong Kong print unwmk (no perf info) (15 stamps)
- 1/2c olblk ovpt, Deng Keng
X 1c org ovpt, Chen Ying-shih
- 2c dpbl ovpt, Sung Chiaojen
- 3c yelbrn ovpt, Liao Zhong-kei
- 4c ltvio ovpt, Deng Keng
- 8c dporg ovpt, Chu Chih-hsin
- 10c dlvio ovpt, Sung Chiaojen
- 13c yelgrn ovpt, Chu Chih-hsin
- 15c brncar ovpt, Liao Zhong-kei
- 17c brnol ovpt, Sung Chiaojen
- 20c ltbl ovpt, Huang Xing
- 21c olbrn ovpt, Chu Chih-hsin
- 25c redvio ovpt, Chen Ying-shih
- 28c ol ovpt, Sung Chiaojen
- 50c grn ovpt, Chen Ying-shih

1 to 15 of 15