Postage stamps of Democratic Republic of the Congo

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1960, Jun 6 1960a flowers issue ovpted on stamps of Belgian Congo - flowers (1952 Belgian Congo) unwmk p. 11.75 (18 stamps)
X 10c multi ovpt, Dissotis
X 10c on 15c multi Protea argyrea
X 20c multi ovpt, Vellozia
X 40c multi ovpt, Ipomoea filicaulis
X 50c on 60c multi Euphorbia poggei
X 50c on 75c multi Ochna
X 1fr multi ovpt, hibiscus
X 1.50fr multi ovpt, Schizoglossum eximium
X 2fr multi ovpt, Ansellia gigantea
X 3fr multi ovpt, Costus spectabilis
X 4fr multi ovpt, Nymphaea
X 5fr multi ovpt, Thunbergia lancifolia
X 6.50fr multi ovpt, Thonningia
X 8fr multi ovpt, Gloriosa simplex
X 10fr multi ovpt, Silene
X 20fr multi ovpt, Aristolochia
X 50fr multi ovpt, Eulophia cucullata
X 100fr multi ovpt, Cryptosepalum

1960, Jun 6 1960b animals issue ovpted on stamps of Belgian Congo (13 stamps)
X 10c on 10c (28)
X 20c on 20c (13)
X 40c on 40c (13)
X 50c on 50c (34)
X 1fr on 1fr (27)
X 1.50fr on 1.50fr (20)
X 2fr on 2fr (16)
X 3.50fr on 3fr multi Loxodonta africana, w. unwmk, p. 11.75
X 5fr on 5fr (24)
- 6.50fr on 6.50fr (13)
X 6.50fr on 6.50fr (13)
X 8fr on 8fr (3)
X 10fr on 10fr (20)

1960, Jun 6 1960c issue ovpted on stamp of Belgian Congo
X 50c on 50c-Christmas (0), Christmas

1960, Jun 6 1960d issue ovpted on stamps of Belgian Congo unwmk p. 11.5
X 3.50fr on 3fr gray & red map of Africa & honeycomb & symbols, v. Flemish
X 3.50fr on 3fr gray & red map of Africa & honeycomb & symbols, v. French

1960, Jul 1 independence issue map of Congo (no perf info) (10 stamps)
X 20c brn map of Congo
X 50c rosered map of Congo
X 1fr grn map of Congo
X 1.50fr redbrn map of Congo
X 2fr rosecar map of Congo
X 3.50fr mar map of Congo
X 5fr pckbl map of Congo
X 6.50fr gray map of Congo
X 10fr redorg map of Congo
X 20fr ultra map of Congo

1961, Jan 4 independence agreement 3rd issue flag&people (5 stamps)
X 2fr flag&people
X 3.50fr flag&people
X 6.50fr flag&people
X 10fr flag&people
X 20fr flag&people

1961, Apr Coquilhatville conference issue ovpted
X 20c brn ovpt, map of Congo
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1 to 50 of 1285