Stamps of Colombia - Tolima, 26.00 height

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1884 1884 issue arms of Colombia unwmk imperf (14 stamps)
X 1c gray arms of Colombia
X 2c lilrose arms of Colombia
X 2 1/2c brn arms of Colombia
X 5c purbrn arms of Colombia
X 10c bl arms of Colombia
- 10c viobl arms of Colombia
X 20c grnyel arms of Colombia
X 25c blk arms of Colombia
X 50c grn arms of Colombia
- 50c dkgrn arms of Colombia
X 1p ver arms of Colombia
X 2p vio arms of Colombia
X 5p yel arms of Colombia
X 10p red arms of Colombia

1886 1886a issue Condor long wings (8 stamps)
- 5c redbrn, wht Condor long wings, p. VARIOUS
- 5c yelbrn, lil Condor long wings, p. 10.5x11
- 10c bl, wht Condor long wings, p. VARIOUS
- 10c ind, lil Condor long wings, p. 10.5x11
- 50c dkgrn, wht Condor long wings, p. VARIOUS
- 50c grn, lil Condor long wings, p. 10.5x11
- 1p orgred, wht Condor long wings, p. VARIOUS
- 1p orgred, lil Condor long wings, p. 10.5x11

1886 1886b issue condor short wings p. 12.5 (12 stamps)
- 1c lilgray condor short wings
- 2c brnvio condor short wings
- 2 1/2c red condor short wings
- 5c purbrn condor short wings
- 10c bl condor short wings
- 20c yel condor short wings
- 25c blk condor short wings
- 50c blgrn condor short wings
- 1p red condor short wings
- 2p vio condor short wings
- 5p yel condor short wings
- 10p lilrose condor short wings

1 to 34 of 34