Stamps of Ionian Islands - Italian occupation of the Ionian Islands, 0 perf

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1941 1941a issue ovpted on stamps of Greece (no perf info) (15 stamps)
- 5l brn & bl ovpt, contest with bull, w. crowns
- 10l ovpt, lady of Tiryns, v. TYPI, w. crowns
- 20l blk & dkgrn ovpt, Zeus of Dodona, w. crowns
- 40l blk & blkgrn ovpt, Coin of Amphiktyony, w. crowns
- 50l brn & blk ovpt, Diagoras of Rhodes, w. crowns
X 80l blkvio & orgbrn ovpt, Venus of Melos, w. crowns
- 1.50d grn ovpt, statue King Constantine, w. unwmk
- 2d ultra ovpt, Naval Battle of Salamis, w. crowns
- 5d red ovpt, Panathenaic Procession, w. crowns
- 6d olbrn ovpt, Alexander the Great at Issos battle, w. crowns
- 7d ovpt, Apostle Paul on Arios Pagos, w. crowns
- 10d ovpt, Church of St Demetrios Thessaloniki, w. crowns
- 15d grn ovpt, Leon Isavros & the destruction of Arabs, w. crowns
- 25d dkbl ovpt, Glory of Psara, w. crowns
- 30d orgbrn ovpt, statue King Constantine, w. unwmk


1941, Sep 1 wmk. crowns
- 50c dkbrn

postage due

1941 ovpted on stamp of Italy (no wmk info)
X 30c org on type=postage due-1934-30c-org (0)

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