Postage stamps of Italy

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1862, Mar 1 Victor Emmanuel II head p. 11.5x12 (6 stamps)
- 10c bis Victor Emmanuel II, w. unwmk
- 10c brn Victor Emmanuel II
- 10c yelbrn Victor Emmanuel II
- 20c dkbl Victor Emmanuel II, w. unwmk
- 40c red Victor Emmanuel II, w. unwmk
- 80c org Victor Emmanuel II, w. unwmk

1863, Jan 1 head imperf
- 15c bl Victor Emmanuel II

1863, Feb 11
X 15c bl Victor Emmanuel II

1863, Dec 1 1863 issue wmk. crown (Italy) p. 14 (12 stamps)
X 1c graygrn numeral
X 2c orgbrn numeral (1865)
X 5c slgrn King Victor Emanuel II
X 10c buff King Victor Emanuel II
X 10c bl King Victor Emanuel II (1877)
X 15c bl King Victor Emanuel II
X 20c bl King Victor Emanuel II (1867)
X 20c org King Victor Emanuel II (1877)
X 30c brn King Victor Emanuel II
X 40c car King Victor Emanuel II
X 60c lil King Victor Emanuel II
- 2l ver King Victor Emanuel II

1865, Jan 1 ovpted
X 20c on 15c bl King Victor Emanuel II

1878, Jan 1 ovpted numeral (8 stamps)
X 2c lake ovpt, numeral
- 2c on 5c lake numeral
- 2c on 20c lake numeral
- 2c on 30c lake numeral
- 2c on 1l lake numeral
- 2c on 2l lake numeral
X 2c on 5l lake numeral
- 2c on 10l lake numeral

1879, Aug 15 1879 issue - King Humbert I (1879) (7 stamps)
X 5c blgrn King Humbert I
X 10c cl King Humbert I
X 20c org King Humbert I
X 25c bl King Humbert I
- 30c brn King Humbert I
X 50c vio King Humbert I
- 2l ver King Humbert I (1882)

1889, Aug 1 1889 issue (6 stamps)
X 5c dkgrn arms of Savoy
X 40c brn King Humbert I
X 45c graygrn King Humbert I
X 60c vio King Humbert I
X 1l brn & yel King Humbert I
- 5l grn & cl King Humbert I

1890, Dec 1 ovpted Umberto I (6 stamps)
X 2c on 20c bl Umberto I
- 2c on 75c blgrn Umberto I
- 2c on 1.75l brn Umberto I
X 2c on 50c cl Umberto I
- 2c on 10c olgray Umberto I
X 2c on 1.25l org Umberto I

1890, Dec 1 ovptedKing Humbert I (1879)
X 20c on 30c brn King Humbert I
- 20c on 50c vio King Humbert I
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1 to 50 of 3865