Postage stamps of Namibia

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1990, Mar 21 independence issue unwmk (no perf info)
X 18c Sam Nujoma & map & flag
- 45c Map Dove Hands
- 60c flag of Namibia & map of Africa showing Namibia

1990, Apr 26 scenic (1990)
X 18c Fish River Canyon
- 35c Quiver Tree Forest
- 45c Tsaris Mountains
- 60c Dolerite Hills

1990, Jul 26 Windhoek
X 18c Early central business area
- 35c Modern central business area
- 45c First municipal building
X 60c Current municipal building

1990, Oct 11 farming&ranching
X 20c cornfields
- 35c Sanga cattle
X 50c Damara sheep
- 65c irrigation

1991, Jan 2 1991 issue (15 stamps)
X 1c multi gypsum
X 2c multi fluorite
X 5c multi mimetite
X 10c multi azurite
X 20c multi Dioptase
X 25c multi
X 30c multi Tsumeb mine
X 35c multi Rosh Pinah Mine
X 40c multi diamond
X 50c multi Uis Mine
- 65c multi boltwoodite
X 1r multi Rössing Uranium
X 1.50r multi wulfenite
X 2r multi gold
X 5r multi willemite

1991, Feb 2 Namibian Weather Service 100th issue
X 20c multi weather balloon
- 35c multi Sunshine recorder
X 50c multi Measuring equipment
- 65c multi Gobabeb weather station

1991, Apr 18 mountain zebras
X 20c multi Four zebras
- 25c multi Mother suckling foal
- 45c multi Three zebras
X 60c multi Two zebras

1991, Jul 18 mountains (1991)
- 20c multi Karas
X 25c multi Gamsberg
- 45c multi Brukkaros
X 60c multi Erongo

1991, Oct 24 tourist camps
X 20c multi
X 25c multi
X 45c multi
X 60c multi

1992, Jan 30 Windhoek Conservatoire 21st issue
X 20c palette&brushes
- 25c multi French horn & neck of violin
X 45c Dramaturgy
X 60c Ballet pas de deux
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1 to 50 of 964