Stamps of Philippines, 11 perf

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1917 1917 issue unwmk p. 11 (17 stamps)
X 2c yelgrn Jose Rizal
X 4c car William McKinley
X 6c vio Magellan
X 8c brn Legazpi
X 10c dkbl Lawton
X 12c org Abraham Lincoln
- 16c olbis Sampson
X 16c olgrn Sampson
X 16c olgrn Dewey (1923)
X 20c orgyel George Washington
- 26c blgrn Carriedo
X 26c grn Carriedo
X 30c gray Franklin
X 1p ltvio arms of Manila
X 2p viobrn arms of Manila
X 4p dkbl arms of Manila
- 10p grn arms of Manila (1926)

1918 1918 issue wmk. single line PIPS (9 stamps)
X 2c grn Jose Rizal
X 4c car William McKinley
- 6c vio Magellan
- 8c brn Legazpi
X 10c dkbl Lawton
- 16c olgrn Sampson
X 20c orgyel George Washington
- 30c gray Franklin
- 1p ltvio arms of Manila

1932 ovpted unwmk
- 1p on 4p dkbl arms of Manila
- 2p on 4p dkbl arms of Manila

1932, May 3 1932 issue (7 stamps)
X 2c yelgrn Mt Mayon,Luzon
- 4c rosecar post office
- 12c org pier 7
- 18c redorg Pagsanjan Falls
X 20c yel rice planting
- 24c vio rice terraces
- 32c olbrn Baguio zigzag

1934, Apr 14 10th Far Eastern Championships issue
- 2c baseball players
X 6c ultra tennis player
X 16c viobrn basketball players

1935, Feb 15 1935 issue (12 stamps)
X 2c rose Jose Rizal
X 4c yelgrn woman & carabao
X 6c brn La Filipina
- 8c vio pearl fishing
X 10c car Fort Santiago
X 12c blk salt spring
X 16c dkbl Magellans landing
X 20c olgrn Juan de la Cruz
X 26c dkbl rice terraces
X 30c ver blood compact
- 1p redorg & blk Barasoain Church,Malolos
- 2p yelbrn & blk Battle of Manila Bay
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1 to 50 of 591