Stamps of Romania, 14x13.5 perf

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1872 1872c issue Prince Carol Paris print unwmk p. 14x13.5 (6 stamps)
- 1 1/2b olgrn Prince Carol
- 3b ltgrn Prince Carol
- 10b bl Prince Carol
X 15b redbrn Prince Carol
X 25b org, buff Prince Carol
X 50b rose Prince Carol

1903 1903a issue mail coach leaving post office wmk. large arms (8 stamps)
- 1b brn mail coach leaving post office
- 3b purbrn mail coach leaving post office
- 5b grn mail coach leaving post office
- 10b rose mail coach leaving post office
- 15b blk mail coach leaving post office
- 25b bl mail coach leaving post office
- 40b grngray mail coach leaving post office
- 50b yelorg mail coach leaving post office

1957, Sep 14 International Athletic Meet 1957 issue - athletes & animals wmk. RPR mult endless
X 20b bl & blk jumper in front of dove
X 55b yel & blk javelin throw in front of aurochs
X 1.75l red & blk runner in front of deer

1964, Sep 28 animals (1964 Romania) unwmk (8 stamps)
X 5b multi Python molurus
X 10b multi Black Swan - Cygnus atratus
- 35b multi Common Ostrich Struthio camelus
X 40b multi Black-crowned Crane - Balearica pavonina
- 55b multi tiger Panthera tigris
X 1l multi lions
- 1.55l multi Grevys Zebra Equus grevyi
- 2l multi Bactrian Camel

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