Postage stamps of Botswana

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1966, Sep 30 Independence 1966 issue unwmk (no perf info)
- 2 1/2c multi Botswana National Assembly building
- 5c multi The Abattoir, Lobatsi
- 15c multi National Airways Dakota
- 35c multi State House, Gaberones

1966, Sep 30 republic provisional issue ovpted on stamps of Bechuanaland Protectorate (no wmk info) (14 stamps)
- 1c multi ovpt, golden oriole
- 2c multi ovpt
- 2 1/2c multi ovpt, scarlet-chested sunbird
- 3 1/2c multi ovpt, Cape widow-bird
- 5c multi ovpt
- 7 1/2c multi ovpt
- 10c multi ovpt
- 12 1/2c multi ovpt
- 20c multi ovpt
- 25c multi ovpt
- 35c multi ovpt
- 50c multi ovpt
- 1r multi ovpt
- 2r multi ovpt, police camel patrol

1967, Jan 3 birds (1967 Botswana) unwmk p. 14.25x14.75 (14 stamps)
X 1c multi golden oriole
- 2c multi African hoopoe
X 3c multi ground-scraper thrush
- 4c multi blue waxbill
- 5c multi secretarybird
- 7c multi Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill
- 10c multi crimson-breasted shrike
- 15c multi Malachite Kingfisher
- 20c multi African fish eagle
X 25c grn & multi gray loerie
X 35c turqbl & multi scimitar-bill
- 50c multi knob-billed duck
- 1r multi Crested Barbet
- 2r multi Diederick Cuckoo

1967, Apr 7 (no perf info)
- 3c multi University Buildings & Graduates
- 7c multi University Buildings & Graduates

1967, Apr 7
- 15c multi students&university

1967, Apr 7
- 35c multi University Buildings & Graduates

1967, Oct 2 Chobe Game Reserve issue
X 3c multi Chobe bush bucks
X 7c multi sable antelopes
X 35c multi fishing on the Chobe River

1968, Apr 8 human rights year issue p. 13.5x13
X 3c multi arms of Botwana & human rights flame
X 15c multi arms of Botwana & human rights flame
X 25c multi arms of Botwana & human rights flame

1968, Sep 30 National Museum and Art Gallery opening issue (no perf info)
X 3c multi rock painting
X 7c multi girl bearing ceremonial beads
X 10c multi National Museum
X 15c multi National Museum

1968, Nov 11 Christmas 1968 issue p. 13.25x14.25
X 1c multi two people looking at star over village
X 2c multi two people looking at star over village
X 5c multi two people looking at star over village
X 25c multi two people looking at star over village
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