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Watermark "unwmk" (Åland Islands usage only)

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Short desc: unwmk

Used by 529 stamps of Åland Islands: (See all uses as list)

3/1/1984 20p ol issue=1984 d=gaff-rigged sloop
3/1/1984 50p grn issue=1984 d=gaff-rigged sloop
3/1/1984 1.10m dpbl issue=1984 d=gaff-rigged sloop
3/1/1984 1.40m issue=1984 d=Aland flag
3/1/1984 10m issue=1984 d=Seal of the Aland Islands perf=13
3/1/1984 2m issue=1984 d=Shipping company perf=14
3/1/1984 3m issue=1984 d=map of Aland perf=13
1/2/1985 1,20(m) blk issue=1984 d=gaff-rigged sloop perf=11.75
1/2/1985 1.30m dkgrn issue=1984 d=gaff-rigged sloop perf=11.75
1/2/1985 10p mag issue=1984 d=gaff-rigged sloop perf=11.75
1/2/1985 1.50m issue=1984 d=Maypole perf=14
9/16/1985 2m issue=1984 d=Forest perf=13
9/16/1985 8.00m issue=1984 d=farm & windmill perf=13
9/16/1985 5m issue=1984 d=shoreline perf=13
1/2/1986 1.60mk issue=Nordic Orienteering Championships perf=14
4/4/1986 2.20m issue=1984 d=Staff of Finby
4/4/1986 1.60m issue=1984 d=clay bear paws
4/4/1986 20m issue=1984 d=monument
9/1/1986 3.70mk issue=Centenary of Onningeby artist colony perf=14
1/2/1987 2.30m issue=1984 d=Vigg Aythya fuligula (1987)
1/2/1987 1.70m issue=1984 d=Somateria mollissima (1987)
1/2/1987 12m issue=1984 d=Melanitta fusca (1987)
4/27/1987 1.00mk gray issue=Farjsund Bridge 50th d=Färjsund bridge
4/27/1987 7.00mk issue=Centenary of fire brigade perf=14
8/20/1987 1.70mk issue=reunification with Sweden movement 70th d=Municipal meeting in 1917 perf=14
1/4/1988 1.80mk issue=350th anniversary of Post perf=14
3/29/1988 2.20mk issue=Centenary of agricultural education perf=14
6/4/1988 1.80mk dt=sailing ships (1988 Åland Islands) d=Galeas Albanus perf=13
6/4/1988 11.00mk dt=sailing ships (1988 Åland Islands) d=Barque Pamir perf=13
6/4/1988 2,40(m) dt=sailing ships (1988 Åland Islands) d=Schooner Ingrid perf=13
8/26/1988 1.40m issue=1984 d=Jomala's church perf=14
1/2/1989 1.90m issue=1984 d=Mariehamn Town Hall perf=14
4/10/1989 2.50m issue=1989 d=Cephalanthera longifolia
4/10/1989 1.50m issue=1989 d=Dactylorhiza sambucina (1989)
4/10/1989 14m issue=1989 d=Cypripedium calceolus (1989)
5/31/1989 1.90m issue=educational system 350th perf=14
9/4/1989 1.50m issue=1989 d=Finström's church perf=14
3/1/1990 2m issue=1989 d=northern pike Esox lucius perf=13
3/1/1990 1.50m d=Atlantic Herring Clupea harengus membras
3/1/1990 2.70m issue=1989 d=flundra Platichthys flesus perf=13
4/19/1990 13m issue=1989 perf=14
9/10/1990 1.70m issue=1989 d=Lumparland's church perf=14
9/10/1990 2m issue=1989 d=Kumlinge church fresco perf=14
3/1/1991 2.10m issue=1989 d=red squirrel Sciurus vulgaris perf=13
3/1/1991 1.60m issue=1989 d=European Hedgehog Erinaceus europaeus perf=13
3/1/1991 2,90(m) issue=1989 d=roe deer Capreolus capreolus perf=13
4/5/1991 2.10m issue=Island Games '91 dt=island games (1991)
4/5/1991 2.10m issue=Island Games '91 dt=island games (1991)
4/5/1991 2.10m issue=Island Games '91 dt=island games (1991)
4/5/1991 2.10m issue=Island Games '91 dt=island games (1991)
(plus 479 more) (See all uses as list)