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Watermark "unwmk" (Rhodesia usage only)

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Short desc: unwmk

Used by 213 stamps of Rhodesia: (See all uses as list)

5/17/1965 1sh3p blvio&vio issue=ITU 100th d=ITU emblem (1965 Rhodesia) perf=14.5
5/17/1965 2sh6p dlbrn&vio issue=ITU 100th d=ITU emblem (1965 Rhodesia) perf=14.5
5/17/1965 6p yelol&vio issue=ITU 100th d=ITU emblem (1965 Rhodesia) perf=14.5
postage due 6/17/1965 2p dkviobl
postage due 6/17/1965 4p grn
postage due 6/17/1965 6p vio
postage due 6/17/1965 1p red
7/19/1965 3p issue=conservation d=Bangala Dam perf=14.5
7/19/1965 4p issue=conservation d=irrigation canal perf=14.5
7/19/1965 2sh6p issue=conservation d=man cutting sugar cane perf=14.5
8/16/1965 1sh3p blk&bl d=Churchill (1965 Rhodesia) perf=14.5
12/8/1965 2sh6p d=independence perf=11
1/17/1966 5sh blk&bl issue=independence d=Churchill (1965 Rhodesia) ovpt=INDEPENDENCE//11th November 1966 oc=blk on=8/16/1965-1sh3p perf=14.5
2/9/1966 9p pur&yelbrn issue=1966 d=tobacco (1966)
2/9/1966 1p issue=1966 d=Cape buffalo (1966) perf=14.5
2/9/1966 2p grn&org issue=1966 d=oranges (1966)
2/9/1966 3p dkbrn<bl issue=1966 d=kudu (1966) perf=14.5
2/9/1966 4p gray&grn issue=1966 d=emeralds (1966) perf=14.5
2/9/1966 1lb issue=1966 d=arms (1966)
2/9/1966 10sh issue=1966 d=gray-breasted helmet guinea fowl
2/9/1966 1sh6p issue=1966 d=Ansellia orchid
2/9/1966 6p issue=1966 d=flame lily (1964)
2/9/1966 1sh issue=1966 d=corn (1966 Rhodesia)
2/9/1966 1sh3p issue=1966 d=Lake Kyle
2/9/1966 5sh issue=1966 d=cattle (1966)
2/9/1966 2sh6p issue=1966 d=tigerfish
2/9/1966 2sh issue=1966 d=aloe (1966)
5/2/1966 2sh6p issue=Rhopex d=Rhodesia 1890 5lb perf=14.5
5/2/1966 3p issue=Rhopex d=Zeederberg coach perf=14.5
5/2/1966 9p issue=Rhopex d=Sir Rowland Hill perf=14.5
5/2/1966 1sh6p bl&blk issue=Rhopex d=Penny Black (1966) perf=14.5
6/1/1966 5sh issue=Central African Airways 20th perf=14.5
6/1/1966 2sh6p issue=Central African Airways 20th d=Vickers Viscount (1966) perf=14.5
6/1/1966 6p issue=Central African Airways 20th perf=14.5
6/1/1966 1sh3p issue=Central African Airways 20th perf=14.5
postage due 12/15/1966 2sh blk perf=14.5
postage due 12/15/1966 6p blvio perf=14.5
postage due 12/15/1966 1sh redbrn perf=14.5
postage due 12/15/1966 2p blvio perf=14.5
postage due 12/15/1966 4p grn perf=14.5
postage due 12/15/1966 1p red perf=14.5
3/14/1967 3d|2 1/2c dkbrn<bl issue=dual currency d=Tragelaphus strepsiceros (1967) perf=14.75
5/17/1967 1sh6p d=Leander Jameson perf=14.5
7/12/1967 2sh6p issue=National Gallery 10th d=St John the Baptist
7/12/1967 1sh3p issue=National Gallery 10th d=Totem
7/12/1967 9p issue=National Gallery 10th d=Head of Burgher of Calais
7/12/1967 3p issue=National Gallery 10th d=soapstone sculpture, Mariga
9/6/1967 4p gray&blk issue=nature conservation d=elephants (1967) perf=14.5
9/6/1967 4p dporg&blk issue=nature conservation d=wild gladiolus perf=14.5
9/6/1967 4p ol&blk issue=nature conservation d=white rhinoceros (1967) perf=14.5
(plus 163 more) (See all uses as list)