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Watermark "unwmk" (UN offices in Geneva usage only)

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Short desc: unwmk

Used by 834 stamps of UN offices in Geneva: (See all uses as list)

10/4/1969 0.10f.s. issue=1969 d=UN flag
10/4/1969 0.05f.s. issue=1969 d=UN HQ
10/4/1969 3.00f.s. issue=1969
10/4/1969 1fr issue=1969
10/4/1969 0.75f.s. issue=1969
10/4/1969 0.50f.s. issue=1969
10/4/1969 0.30f.s. issue=1969
10/4/1969 0.20f.s. issue=1969
4/17/1970 10fr issue=1969
4/17/1970 0.60f.s. issue=1969
9/22/1970 0.70f.s. issue=1969
9/22/1970 0.80f.s. issue=1969
9/22/1970 0.90f.s. issue=1969
9/22/1970 2fr issue=1969
1/25/1971 0.30f.s. d=sea bed
3/12/1971 0.50f.s. d=refugee
4/13/1971 0.50f.s. d=food program
5/28/1971 0.75f.s. d=UPU HQ (1971)
9/21/1971 0.30f.s. d=eliminate discrimination
9/21/1971 0.50f.s. d=eliminate discrimination
11/19/1971 1.10f.s. d=Maia by Pablo Picasso
1/5/1972 0.40f.s.
2/14/1972 0.40f.s. issue=Stop to Nuclear Weapons
4/7/1972 0.80f.s. issue=World Health Day
6/5/1972 0.40f.s. issue=UN Environmental Conference
6/5/1972 0.80f.s. issue=UN Environmental Conference
9/11/1972 1.10f.s. issue=25th Anniversary of the Economic Conference of Europe
11/17/1972 0.80f.s.
11/17/1972 0.40f.s.
3/9/1973 1.10f.s. issue=Decade of Disarmament
3/9/1973 0.60f.s. issue=Decade of Disarmament
4/13/1973 0.60f.s. issue=Fight Against Drug Abuse
5/25/1973 0.80f.s. issue=UN Volunteers
10/1/1973 0.80f.s. issue=Namibia
11/16/1973 0.40f.s. issue=25th Anniversary of the UN Human Rigths
11/16/1973 0.80f.s. issue=25th Anniversary of the UN Human Rigths
1/11/1974 0.60f.s. issue=New ILO Building in Geneva
1/11/1974 0.80f.s. issue=New ILO Building in Geneva
3/22/1974 0.30f.s. issue=100th Anniversary of UPU
3/22/1974 0.60f.s. issue=100th Anniversary of UPU
5/6/1974 0.60f.s. issue=Peace in Brazil
5/6/1974 1.00fr issue=Peace in Brazil
10/18/1974 0.60f.s. issue=World Population Year
10/18/1974 0.80f.s. issue=World Population Year
11/22/1974 1.30fr issue=Sea Law
3/14/1975 0.60f.s. issue=Peaceful Use of Space
3/14/1975 0.90f.s. issue=Peaceful Use of Space
5/9/1975 0.60f.s. issue=International Women's Year
5/9/1975 0.90f.s. issue=International Women's Year
6/26/1975 0.60f.s. issue=30th Anniversary of the United Nations
(plus 784 more) (See all uses as list)