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Watermark "unwmk" (Zambia usage only)

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Short desc: unwmk

Used by 1652 stamps of Zambia: (See all uses as list)

10/24/1964 6p dkvio&yel issue=independence d=College of Further Education, Lusaka
postage due 10/24/1964 1p org
postage due 10/24/1964 2p dkbl
postage due 10/24/1964 3p rosecl
postage due 10/24/1964 1sh emer
postage due 10/24/1964 4p viobl
postage due 10/24/1964 6p pur
10/24/1964 1lb issue=1964 d=Makishi dancer
10/24/1964 10sh issue=1964 d=copper mining
10/24/1964 5sh issue=1964 d=Education
10/24/1964 2sh6p issue=1964 d=tourists watching elephants in Luangwa Game Reserve
10/24/1964 2sh issue=1964 d=basketmaker & child
10/24/1964 1sh issue=1964 d=night fishing
10/24/1964 3p bl&brn&grn issue=independence d=Kaunda & Victoria Falls
10/24/1964 1sh3p org&blk&red issue=independence d=Barotse dancer
10/24/1964 1/2p issue=1964 d=farmer & silo
10/24/1964 1p issue=1964 d=X-ray technician
10/24/1964 2p issue=1964 d=Chinyau dancer
10/24/1964 3p issue=1964 d=woman picking cotton
10/24/1964 1sh3p issue=1964 d=tobacco worker
10/24/1964 9p issue=1964 d=redwood flowers & factory
10/24/1964 6p issue=1964 d=communications drum teletype
10/24/1964 4p issue=1964 d=Angoni bull
7/26/1965 2sh6p issue=ITU 100th
7/26/1965 3p issue=ICY
7/26/1965 1sh3p issue=ICY
7/26/1965 6p issue=ITU 100th
10/18/1965 3p issue=independence 1st d=state house
10/18/1965 6p issue=independence 1st d=fireworks (1965)
10/18/1965 1sh3p issue=independence 1st d=clematopsis
10/18/1965 2sh6p issue=independence 1st d=Tithonia diversifolia
5/18/1966 3p d=WHO HQ
5/18/1966 1sh3p d=WHO HQ
7/12/1966 3p grn&gold d=University of Zambia building
7/12/1966 1sh3p vio&gold d=University of Zambia building
5/2/1967 3p d=National Assembly building (1967)
5/2/1967 6p d=National Assembly building (1967)
10/2/1967 2sh6p d=Lusaka Airport
10/2/1967 6p d=Lusaka Airport
10/23/1967 6p issue=national development d=agricultural cooperatives
10/23/1967 1sh6p issue=national development
10/23/1967 1sh issue=national development d=map of Zambian coalfields
10/23/1967 9p issue=national development
10/23/1967 4p issue=national development d=youth service badge
1/16/1968 5n issue=1966 d=National Museum, Livingstone
1/16/1968 8n issue=1966 d=Vimbuza dancer
1/16/1968 25n issue=1966 d=Angoni warrior
1/16/1968 50n issue=1966 d=Chokwe dancer
1/16/1968 1k issue=1966 d=Kafue rail bridge
1/16/1968 2k issue=1966 d=eland
(plus 1602 more) (See all uses as list)