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2c denom (#14015)

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Desc: 2c

Currency: Honduran lempira (100c=1l)

Numerical sorting value: 120

Equivalent denoms: 0.02l

Users of this denom: Honduras (35 stamps, 1933-1979)

Used by 35 stamps of Honduras: (See all uses as list)

8/3/1933 2c ultra d=Columbus fleet wmk=mult ovals
official 1935 2c lilbrn issue=1935 official
1/12/1935 2c car issue=1935 d=President CarĂ­as
airmail 12/7/1937 2c copred issue=1937 d=Comayagua Cathedral
3/1/1939 2c redorg issue=1939 d=palace
airmail official 3/1/1939 2c dkbl&grn issue=1939 air official
airmail 11/19/1940 2c dkbl&grn issue=Dedication of Columbus Memorial Lighthouse
airmail 9/15/1942 2c redorg issue=100th Anniversary of the Death of General Francisco Morazan
airmail 9/14/1943 2c bl issue=1943 air
1944 2c redorg d=palace ovpt=HABILITADO//1944-45 oc=blk on=1939-2c-redorg
airmail 3/13/1945 2c copred issue=1945 air d=Comayagua Cathedral oc=blk on=1937-2c
airmail 10/15/1946 2c issue=victory&FDR memorial
airmail 9/17/1949 2c car issue=succession d=Juan Manuel Galvez
airmail 2/27/1951 2c issue=Central Bank of Honduras founding
airmail 10/11/1952 2c bl&redbrn issue=500th Anniversary of the Birth of Queen Isabella I
airmail official 10/12/1952 2c brn&blvio issue=500th Anniversary of the Birth of Queen Isabella I of Spain
airmail 12/18/1953 2c blk&bl issue=United Nations
airmail official 12/18/1953 2c blk&blgrn issue=1953 air official
airmail 2/23/1955 2c issue=50th Anniversary of Rotary International
airmail 7/14/1956 2c issue=10th Anniversary of the United Nations
airmail 10/3/1956 2c blk&dkbl issue=1956 air d=State President Julio Lozano Diaz
airmail official 10/3/1956 2c blk&pur issue=1956 air official
airmail official 10/21/1957 2c issue=1957 air official
airmail 10/2/1958 2c issue=18th Anniversary of Institute for Inter-American Culture d=flag of Honduras & flag of United States
airmail 2/12/1959 2c issue=150th Anniversary of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln d=flag of Honduras & Lincoln's birthplace & flag of United States
airmail official 6/1/1959 2c issue=150th Anniversary of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln
airmail official 6/1/1959 2c issue=150th Anniversary of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln b
airmail 11/18/1961 2c mag issue=court judgment d=1906 award of King Alfonso XIII of Spain
airmail 4/23/1964 2c issue=Freedom from Hunger
airmail official 5/29/1964 2c issue=1964 air official
airmail 7/22/1964 2c issue=Olympics 1964 pre
airmail 11/30/1964 2c issue=Olympics 1964
airmail official 1965 2c lilrose&blk issue=1965 air official
airmail 12/20/1965 2c bl&redbrn issue=Churchill memorial
airmail 4/1/1979 2c issue=UPU membership 100th

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