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T2 50g denom (#17468)

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Desc: T2 50g

Currency: euro (100c=1e)

Numerical sorting value: 0

Equivalent denoms: (undenom), +0.0,46€+0.231, 0, 1 circle, 1 in circle, 1 Inland U, 1 klass, 18fr., , 1Cs, 1europe, 1InlandU, 1LKº, 1local, 1st class, 1stclass, 1U, 1wereld, 1world, 1WorldU, 2 circle, 2 in circle, 2 Inland U, 2 klass, 2(Inland)U, 20 grams, 20g, , 2Cs, 2InlandU, 2local, 2nd class, 2U, 3 circle, , 3europe, 3fr., 3U, 3world, 3WorldU, A, A 20g, A prior, A2, A20g, A20g., aangetekendº, ATR50g, Écopli 20g, B, B 50g, B zona 1, B zona 1 50g, B zona 2, B zona 2 50g, B zona 3, B zona 3 50g, C, circle 1, circle 2, circle 3, circle 5, circle 7, Correio Azul, D, December, E 20g, E 50g, E20g, E20g., Ecopli, ECOPLI 20 g, Ecopli 20g, EUROPA, Europa1, Europe, Europe 20g, I 20g, I 20grs., I20g., Inrikes, JULPOST, L 50g, L50g, Lettere prioritaire 20g, LETTRE 20 g, Lettre 20g, LETTRE 50 g, Lettre 50g, Lettre prioritaire, Lettre prioritaire 100g, Lettre prioritaire 20g, Lettre prioritaire 250g, Lettre prioritaire 50g, Lettre verte 100g, Lettre verte 20g, Lettre verte 250g, Lettre verte 50g, Lettreverte, Lettreverte20g, Lokalpost, lowest inland weight, M 50g, Monde, MONDE 20 g, Monde 20g, N, N 20grs., N20g, N20g., Noneº, Prior, Prioritaire 20g, Recommandé, Recommande, Registered lowest inland weight, T1 50g, T2, T2 20g, TVP, Valeur permanente, Variablee, VARLDEN, världen, W, Wereld1, World 20g

Users of this denom: Slovakia (10 stamps, 2009-2018)

Used by 10 stamps of Slovakia: See all uses as list
8/14/2009 T2 50g issue=Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava 2007
6/3/2011 T2 50g d=Personalised stamp
6/1/2012 T2 50g issue=International Children's Day
4/26/2013 T2 50g d=Windmill in Holic
11/13/2015 T2 50g issue=Christmas 2015
6/3/2016 T2 50g
11/11/2016 T2 50g issue=Christmas 2016 a
6/2/2017 T2 50g
2/27/2018 T2 50g issue=Easter 2018 d=Paraments - Liturgical textiles
2/27/2018 T2 50g issue=Easter 2018 d=Paraments - Liturgical textiles

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