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Merops bulocki

  • Colnect-1712-378-Red-throated-Bee-eater-Meropiscus-bullocki.jpg
Short desc: Merops bulocki

Things in this design:
bird Merops bulocki

This design is used by 4 stamps: (See all uses as list)
Uganda 10/19/1987 15sh dt=birds of Uganda (1987) perf=14.25
Togo 1/23/1995 1000fr issue=1995 dt=birds (1995 Togo) perf=14
Mozambique 6/15/2015 175.00mt issue=Bee-Eaters 2015 perf=13.25
Djibouti 8/27/2019 250fr issue=Bee-eaters 2019

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